Why we make people of different times and cultures

We grew up in Eastern Europe, and we have not seen much of the world, but through books and the Internet we have been learning about it in a way that is meaningful to us. We have come to realize that people in different places and different times have had the same human needs, but they have developed different ways to satisfy their needs and solve the problems they face. 

As children we had little of the resources that are available to some children nowadays to explore the ways people in other parts of the world and in different times lived, but as adults we can see how keen children are to learn about these just as they are keen to know about their own communities.

We believe that the more children know about their own part of the world and about other parts and times, the deeper they understand their own lives, the more questions they ask and the better answers they find to these questions. They grow up into more conscious people, better members of their own communities, and better citizens of our ever globalizing world. They become more and more aware of the fact that their ways are not the only possible ones and that people who live different lives are as human as themselves, with the same needs and the same right to pursue happiness. 

Knowledge about how people produce their food and daily used objects, how they defend their settlements, educate their children, celebrate, have fun, adapt to their environment, etc. can be obtained through books, images and videos, but it could be truly made sense of through participation, and a child’s most natural and available way to participate in most of what is going on in the world is through play. 

Toys are some of the most essential props that provide for rich and meaningful play, so we are trying to make our humble contribution to the beautiful quality toys that are available for children. 

In order to make our toys we are constantly learning about different places, times and ways, and we are determined to always be truthful and respectful – for the sake of children who will play with our toys and for the sake of the people, animals and artifacts these toys represent.

We have big ambitions to create high quality resources that will help parents enrich their children’s play and make the most of every toy. 

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