We, human beings, have been around for 7 million years, and over 99.99% of our development has taken place in a natural environment. Even since the beginning of the industrial revolution, less than o. o1% of our species’ time has been spent in an artificial and urbanized environment. 

It is considered that our bodies are adapted to natural settings and materials. Some scientists believe that highly urbanized environments, packed with artificial materials contribute to an increase in the nervous activity, blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormone

Many people have reported their feelings of relaxation under the effect of natural environments and wood. The effect on children has been observed by both parents and teachers. 

Nature therapy, including exposure to natural wooden materials is getting more and more attention from the scientific community. 

Since 1992 the effects of wood on human bodies and minds have been studied scientifically, and the conclusions have invariably been positive – wood does have a beneficial effect on us.