Mr Fox Crafts

artisan handmade wooden toys and collectibles

We all want to raise caring, independent and creative children and teach them eternal values and skills. Our handmade wooden toys help parents in this mission because they are:


With its organic shapes and colors our design fosters respect for nature. Montessori parents would have a really true to nature wooden alternative to plastic figures.


Our wooden toys stand out exquisitely among their chunky flat cartoonish counterparts. They nurture the aesthetic development of children, who need and deserve to be surrounded by beauty. Our wooden figurines inspire respect for art and timeless beauty.


Our design leaves a lot of room to children’s imagination. Our wooden animals, human figures and magical creatures are in neutral poses without facial features. Children can easily project on them the full spectra of emotions and personality traits. They are easily engaged in long independent play away from screens. Here is why they are chosen by parents and teachers who follow educational philosophies like Waldorf, Charlotte Mason and Reggio Emilia. 

Heirloom quality

In times of instant gratification and cheap consumerism that leaves us with overflowing landfills, we offer artisan made artefacts that could be passed on for generations to come. Both adults and children can take care of these toys to maintain them in excellent condition. This is how people learn to respect hard work, creativity, skill and craftsmanship. 


Our toys are made of quality beech  wood, painted with transparent water-based paint and finished with raw linseed oil. They are compliant with EU safety standards and CE certified as safe for children aged 3 years +


Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests, and we follow our national and EU trade and business standards. We make these toys with our own hands in a small town in Bulgaria, Europe, and we do not exploit people. By buying these wooden toys you help protect nature and support a small business.