We are two aunties located in a small town in South Bulgaria. We love play, art, crafts and knowledge, so we spend most of our time learning, savouring beauty, admiring other people’s craftsmanship and working hard to improve ours.

We are curious and getting to know more and more about how children play and learn. We believe that children deserve all the joy, meaning and beauty they can get while playing or studying, so we do our best to offer them artistic handmade toys crafted in our little workshop, as well as other products of our own creation.

As we are raising kids ourselves, we feel for  parents too. We are aware of their need to spend meaningful time with their little ones as well as their need to be left alone. We try our best to help parents keep their children happy away from screens for as long as possible and raise them as independent, responsible, knowledgeable and creative individuals who never lose their sense of wonder.

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